Emissions ChartA Workable Plan to Reverse Global Climate Change with CurrentTechnology

Noted environmental author and Middlebury College professor Bill McKibben helps us think through the global climate situation in an article in National Geographic The graphic to the left shows how high-efficiency natural gas electric generating facilities play a significant role in achieving carbon reductions. Click on the image to view a larger version of the chart.



Environmental Stewardship

CPV’s corporate mission is built around a belief that progressive companies can be powerful agents of change for a better world and a cleaner environment. To this end, we have focused our core activities around developing and operating energy facilities that can make a significant difference in improving the environments and economic circumstances of the regions in which they are located. To learn more about CPV’s corporate vision and how we are making a difference, please access the slide show below.


  • CPV Environmental Stewardship- Building Bridges,
  • Situation Overview - Significant New Supplies of Electricity Will Be Needed Over Next 30 Years
  • Situation Overview – Exciting Potential for Quantum Energy Breakthroughs Over Next 50 Years
  • How Do We Get From Here to There:
  • The “Wedge” Plan - Also known as “Stabilization Wedge Theory”
  • How To Make It 50 Years Without Catastrophic Carbon Loading
  • Bridges: Natural Gas Electric Generation
  • Bridges: Wind Power
  • Wind and Natural Gas Make a Great Combination For Clean Electricity Generation
  • CPV’s Clean Energy Portfolio Actively Builds Bridges
  • CPV’s Clean Energy Portfolio Actively Builds Bridges
  • Building Bridges in the Community
  • Building Bridges in the Community
  • Success Depends Upon Leadership
  • Company Profile - CPV
  • Company Profile - CPV
  • CPV - Building Bridges
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Renewable Energy

Energy independence from foreign countries. Zero pollution and zero emissions. Inexhaustible fuel sources. Creation of well-paying, domestic jobs.

In keeping with its core mission to promote sustainability, CPV is embracing renewable energy sources that promote land preservation and protect valuable natural resources while contributing to the economy and stabilizing electricity rates.
In doing their part, CPV Renewable Energy Company, the company’s renewable energy division, is developing 6,400 MWs of additional wind power projects across the North America, with plans for more. The company is also expanding renewable energy development to include utility-scale solar power generation.


The Basics of Wind Energy

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American Wind Energy Association